Food Inventory Help

NOTE: Version 1.2 currently has crash issues with the iPhone 4 and on older iPhones upgraded to iOS 4. 1.3 has been submitted to Apple for approval that will fix these issues.

(This page provides documentation and support information for the Food Inventory application for the iPhone. For other support, please go to the home page.)

The main page

When you start Food Inventory, you will see the food list screen:

Food List screen

The food items on this list are sorted by expiration date; food items with earlier expiration dates appear closer to the top of the list. The food items also have a status light next to them. Red means the food item has expired (the food item's name will also show up in red text), while yellow means that the food item will expire soon. Green indicates an "all okay" status, e.g. you don't need to worry about using up all of the item just yet.

Upon quitting the application, the number of expired and about to expire food items is displayed in the upper right corner of the application's icon, for your quick reference.

NOTE: the application uses solely the expiration dates you enter to display the status lights. We take no responsibility for the incorrect determination of freshness based on incorrectly entered dates.

Adding/Changing Food Items

To see more information on the food item and to edit the entry, you can tap the item in the list. The following screen will appear:

Food Item screen

From here you can change the name, quantity and/or expiration date of the food item. (This page is also the page that appears when you push the + button on the main screen to add a new food item.) Pushing Save will save your changes and return you to the main screen.

Retrieving Recipes Using Food Items

As an added bonus, the application can pull up a Google search of the name of your food item with the word "recipe" appended to it. To do this, tap the "Show Recipes Containing Item" button on the food detail page to produce a screen similar to the following:

Recipes screen

Deleting food items

Once you run out of a food item or you throw the expired item away, you can delete it from the list by going to the main screen and pushing the Edit button. Minus icons should appear next to the items, which you can then tap to bring up a Delete button. Alternatively, you can swipe to the right over the item you want to delete to bring up the Delete button as well.

Setting up list synchronization (3.0 and above only)

To set up synchronization between multiple iOS devices, you will first need to create an account here, if you have not already done so. The devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) will need to share the same account and be connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/EDGE networks in order for sync to work properly. Once you have a username and password, push the Home button on the device to reach the main screen, and then go to Settings. You will then see Food Inventory as one of the applications with available settings. Tap on that, and then enter the username and password you created earlier and ensure that sync is enabled on that screen. Repeat this setup on your other devices and they should automatically sync with each other.

More Information

For more information or any questions not answered here, email support at